PHYSICAL EXAM FORM Student Name: Date of Exam: Blood Pressure: Pulse: Date of Birth: * MUST be within one year of University entry - - six months for athletes Height (inches): Weight (lbs): BMI: NOTE:
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My cuz it's a coloredokay so hello my name is Anne bow and Iam a family nurse practitioner studentsfrom UPA and I'm here with my patientJenny wouldn't be doing a physicalhead-to-toe assessment today all rightyeah okay wonderfulso I'm going to go ahead and wash myhands okayfirst I want to go ahead and observe forgeneral appearance she appears cleanwell-dressed well-kept what is your namein exchange okay and once today's datetoday say it's March concern okay andwho is president right andwhere are us and a healthokay so patient appears as an orientedanswers also change appropriately andcommunication skills are adequate sofirst off we're going to inspect herskin on a skin same uniform appropriatefor ethnicity no lesions or edema notedskin is warm to touch smooth and TroyI'm going to assess the skin turgor hereit is resilient no privacy hydrationokay so I'm gonna go ahead and inspectyour fingers you can put out yourfingers for me upon inspectionfingernails are pink opaque they areshort uniform and well-kept without anydeformities no redness swelling no signsof cyanosis donating to help pay forcapillary refill and while I'm talkingare you feeling any tenderness righthere no I'm not okay good capillaryrefills are less than three seconds ifyou can put your fingernail togetherthis no clothing noted all right andthen next I'm going to take a look atyour hair so hair appears equallydistributed with a female pattern it issick long no point the falseness nouneven surfaces are in tune with thatopponent outpatient it is a fine or nobreakage during that sort I'm going togo ahead and palpate the scalp overallScout moves freelyno depressions it is smooth and a snowdome deformity is noted okay so I'mgoing to go ahead and inspect your headhead is roundno mullet Alex it is symmetrical facialfeatures are symmetrical - nodiscoloration or variation there undertake a look at her neck I'm going toobserve laterally for any enlargement orthat I'm not seeing any so I'm going togo ahead and palpate while she swallowsyou can you feel any to do this rightherenow down okay go ahead and swallow forme okay it's wonderful the fireworkslands you to rise freely with swallowingthere weren't any nodules or tendernessupon palpation I'm going to go ahead andtake a listen for any bruitokay now very hard upon auscultation I'mgoing to go ahead and check the tracheathe trivia appears midline tip righthere and it doesn't a v8 to aim side andthe carotid pulses I'm gonna go aheadand palpate bilaterally one at a timeokay quad is pulses are plus two andwe're go ahead and check for booby thereas wellokay no breeze at all right thank you soLiz and I'm going to go ahead and checkfor any month out now mash up mess notesbilaterally at the occipital freeauricular post over hereconsular Lebanon...